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The pink one really reminds me of the dress worn by Kate Winslet as Juliet Hulme in Heavenly Creatures (even though it’s obviously not the same):


Anyone who liked Heavenly Creatures (the 1994 film by Peter Jackson on the Parker-Hulme murder case) just has to read this article: 

Let’s moider mother!

It’s a detailed analysis on the mother-daugther relationships between both girls and their moms that eventually led them to murder. It focuses on the traits presented by the film, though, so that it is an analysis about the characters rather then about the actual people involved in the incident. It’s really, really interesting nonetheless. :D

But of course it matters! It’s Mario!

(In the future, I need to get Mario Lanza’s record for my Heavenly Creatures shrine…)

Parker and Hulme Wallet

Not such tranquil women …
Wallet can hold 6 cards plus cash.
Design by Mr. funky
With ≈ 3 7/8
High ≈3 ½
Open≈7 ¼

I just can’t believe this shit exists… who thought that this is gonna be a good idea?!